Workforce Readiness

Help Develop Our Future Talent! 

  • As an HR professional, how successful are you in attracting the right talent?
  • Is your organization challenged with fueling the talent pipeline?
  • How confident are you in the availability of skill set and drive of the future local workforce?
  • Are you looking for the right opportunity to contribute to developing and inspiring the engineers, doctors, teachers, and business people of tomorrow?

The Workforce Readiness Committee of the Society of Human Resources of Greater Tucson (SHRM-GT) aims to facilitate and prepare members of our organization to reach out to high school students and share your expertise, experience, guidance and passion for a career of the future. 

Our Committee partners with area high schools to offer students workshops and class projects related to critical skills in the job search and building of a successful career.  Topics range from tools and resources on career exploration, problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution.  Our members contribute to keeping these programs fresh and engaging, facilitating the workshops, and coordinating the exciting events with the schools teachers and contact students.

As a committee member, you can become personally and organizationally involved in community outreach with Tucson high school students, and ultimately provide our business community with better-prepared future employees. 

We are eager to get you onboard and hear your ideas related to this initiative. Contact us for more information.

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Workfoce Readiness Committee Spotlight 
(previously known as Future Workforce Development)