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Rethinking Employee Engagement in the New Normal

August 06, 2020
8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
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In the new normal, there are three basic types of employees:

  • Virtual employees
  • Part-time virtual, part-time office employees
  • Essential office employees

While traditional leadership models are geared toward the 'in-office' setting, we need to recognize that these traditional models will have to flex to manage employees in the future. There are four important factors that will need to be considered in order to successfully engage your team going forward.

  1. Unraveling traditional/physical accountability structures (Why do they exist and do they serve the initially intended purpose?)
  2. Understanding your Employees (Using Behavioral data to ensure you are leading them how they want/need to be led)
  3. Empathetic to employees' needs (We all learned Maslow's hierarchy of needs in psychology but now does it apply to the current workforce? Do you know how your employees are feeling under the current circumstances of the pandemic?)
  4. Teaching Leaders to Lead a changing workforce (Shifting the performance metrix to support what is important.)


Kaleigh Williams, Hi-Energy Consulting, LLC

Learning Objectives

 * Ways to utilize date to understand and improve engagement (Critical thinking / data

 * Leading and driving change (Leadership & Navigation)

 * Targeting cultural change and evolution (Cultural Effectiveness)

 * Employee relations and communication (Relationship Management)

HRCI  and SHRM approved


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