Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Our Mission
Enhance appreciation for and understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion. We will achieve success through the efforts and activities which:

  • Create understanding and acceptance of managing diversity concepts.

  • Develop recognition that diversity is threaded through every aspect of management.

  • Encourage self-awareness, in terms of understanding your own culture, identity, biases, prejudices, and stereotypes.

  • Inspire a willingness to challenge and change institutional practices that present barriers to different groups.

  • Advance human resources leadership education/awareness of the varied dimensions of diversity.

Our Vision
We are committed to transforming our workplace communities into environments where people are valued for their uniqueness and differences, and are confident that their contributions matter.

Our Goals

  • Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community

  • Develop HR leaders who are educated and aware of all aspects of diversity and inclusion

  • Develop programs that support diversity education and awareness 

If interested in participating please contact:

Kellee Lemons
HR Know
[email protected]

Dana Zepke
[email protected]