2014 Celebrating Innovation in the Workplace ~ Nominations

  This event is open to the ENTIRE community!!!

ORGANIZATION AWARDS                           
Technology/Process Improvement

(any or all of the following)

  • Developed and implemented a process,
    system or tool that enhanced employee
    process or changed the organizational
  • Created a process or implemented a system
    that improved employee   participation in a
    program, increased employee knowledge or
    realized a cost savings
  • Enhanced an HR activity (i.e.: recruitment,
    benefits, etc.) by the implementation of a
    system or process that resulted in
    measureable change

Community Impact

(any or all of the following)

  • Demonstrated an exceptional commitment to community volunteerism or donations through an HR program or effort
  • Made a positive impact to causes, programs or projects that support workforce needs
  • Acted as a role model within the community to create positive change through HR efforts as a company or individual

Diversity and Inclusion

(any or all of the following)

  • Added value to the company in the area of
    Diversity and Inclusion
  • Strengthened community relationships internally
    or externally with Diversity and Inclusion
  • Benefitted the employees' quality of life and
    work-life through Diversity and Inclusion

(any or all of the following)

  • Adapted the organization to changing business and customer demands; including revolutionary change
  • Inspired a culture of ownership that demonstrates accountability and encourages engagement
  • Demonstrated courageous leadership to tackle individual and organizational goals in a challenging environment  


Finalists will be notified by October 1, 2014

Celebrating Innovation in the Workplace Co-Chairs:
Lori Prince; LoriP@FocusHR.net
Gladys Walker; gwalker@lasertel.com
Shawna Adams; shawna@localscreening.com