Application to Join SHRM-GT

If you are a SHRM National Member, please CLICK HERE to complete the Primary Chapter Designation Form indicating our chapter (#181) for your chapter membership.  When completed, please scan and send to

Membership Types Membership Codes
HR Member HR
Business Partner Affiliate BP
Student Membership ST


Below is a condensed description of these categories.  For more detailed information on member qualifications, view the "Member Qualifications" link after clicking on "Join Today", or you can get the same information by viewing our bylaws.

HR Members are those that provide HR services to their own company’s internal staff, and it includes attorneys or professors that specialize in HR.  This category also applies to bona fide HR consultants that fill a role that would otherwise typically be filled by an internal HR employee, and do not sell other products or services. 

Business Partner Affiliates are those that do not fit into one of the preceding categories, or those that provide products or services to HR professionals.  For a more detailed distinction between an HR member and a business partner affiliate, please review our bylaws on our website.

Student Members are those that are working NO MORE than 20 hours per week in an HR position and are enrolled for at least 6 credit hours per semester from a degree granting institution, and who have a degree emphasis in Human Resources.

You need a member login ID and password to register for events with member pricing.  You get those after your application has been approved and payment is processed.  If you already applied to join and you need to register for an event before you get your login ID and password, and want member pricing, please call 480-893-6110 and ask for Coral.  

  Sales - I am hoping to do business with other members
  Education Credits: To obtain continuing education credits for my existing certification
  Education: To learn more about HR by attending the monthly workshops
  Certification: To get certified by participating in the certification study group
  Networking with Peers: To meet others that work in HR like I do so that I have a network of peers in the profession
  Starting a Career in HR: I am looking to start a career in HR
  Volunteering: I am interested in being a volunteer with the chapter
  Another member of the chapter
  I am a returning/former member
  Internet Search
  Colleague/Friend (not sure if they are a member)
  Arizona Daily Star
  Inside Tucson Business
  I was a member of another chapter and I looked you up