2017 Celebrating Innovation- Nomination Form

Please select one award category per nomination. (Either Technology/Process Improvement, Community Impact, Diversity and Inclusion or Leadership). You may submit multiple nominations per person/company. 

  Development and implementation of a process, system or tool to enhance employee processes or change the organizational culture
  Created a process or implemented a system that improved employee participation in a program, increase employee knowledge or realize a cost savings
  Enhanced an HR activity (i.e.: recruitment, benefits, etc.) by the implementation of a system or process that resulted in measurable change
  Demonstrates an exceptional commitment to community volunteerism through an HR program or effort
  Made a positive impact to causes, programs or projects that support workforce needs
  Acted as a role model within the community to create positive change through HR efforts as a company of individual
  Adding measurable value to the company in the area of Diversity and Inclusion
  Strengthening community relationships internally or externally with Diversity and Inclusion
  Benefitting the employees’ quality of life and work-life though Diversity and Inclusion
  Adapts the organization to changing business and customer demands; including revolutionary change
  Inspires a culture of ownership that demonstrates accountability and encourages engagement
  Demonstrate courageous leadership to tackle individual and organizational goals in a challenging environment